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Yes and no. Some of the general part features will be familiar (in the sense that an ARM Cortex M[X] is the same as any other Cortex M[X].

In reality every vendor's peripherals, and more importantly HAL and associated drivers and libs, will be different. But if you've done it once learning another vendor's way of life is a bit like learning a new programming language; it's just syntax.

Broadly most (IE communication, ADC, watchdog, etc) peripherals will be similar but there are definitely places where the differences will be larger. I'd expect those to be largely focused on clock trees, interrupt architectures, power modes, etc.

So short answer I agree with parent, get a cheap board and learn some stuff. If you like it, go from there. Do NOT choose a Cortex A though unless you want to really dig into embedded Linux. Systems at that level are way, way more complex and if the goal is to learn "everything about this processor" that will be especially difficult.

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