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Verizon Suffers Cloud Data Leak Exposing Data on Millions of Customers (2017) (darkreading.com)
27 points by Varcht 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I find the reporting of this as a "data leak", as opposed to a more aggressive term, rather concerning.

"UpGuard in its data estimated that up to 14 million customer records were exposed, but Verizon stated that data on 6 million of its users was affected."

I don't see how this would be considered a "leak" rather than a "breach". Are we starting to become desensitized to these security issues, leading to the reporting on them similarly weakening? Is the downplay of language a form of shielding the companies responsible from backlash?

"leak" might be used to denote the release in a more passive / accidental sense, whereas "breach" in its traditional usage denotes a purposeful attack, such as if the release stemmed from a wilful actor.

From the Oxford English Dictionary: Breach. A gap in a wall, barrier, or defence, especially one made by an attacking army.

Interesting, but [2017]

That kind of matters

Thanks. Added above.

My Mistake. I try to be good about that, for some reason it just popped up in my aggregator and I did not look closely at the date.

This article is from 2017. How is this news?

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