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The Instagram-Husband Revolution (theatlantic.com)
23 points by yarapavan 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

The popular viral video from 2015 making fun of this is mentioned in the article, it's pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFzKi-o4rHw

> Having an Instagram husband is also a smart financial move...


> Stevens said he has lurked on the #InstagramHusband hashtag on Instagram and connected with other men that way after interacting with their photos. “It’s almost this silent brotherhood right now,”

This sounds terrible. I just feel bad for these dudes. Ha

They found a reproductive strategy that works for them so good for them, but yeah sounds pretty damn depressing to me.

It sounds depressing, but then I think of going to Starbucks and watching my ex scroll through her Twitter feed the entire time. At least with this there is some acknowledgment of each other's presence!

What is there to feel bad about? It's like a modeling agent/photographer job, with the only difference being that you have a singular client who also happens to be your wife.

The difference, and why I feel bad for them, is this is occurring outside the context of a job. Would you want to work the whole time you're on a "vacation"? Probably not. That sounds miserable. I feel bad for these dudes that they cannot just go out and enjoy their free time with their wife without having to play photographer the whole time.

Surprisingly, some men don't want to be a modeling photographer.

Add to that the fact that 99% of these women will never make more than a few dollars a month for all their time and effort.

There’s a BroScience youtube video called How to date a fitness chick. One of the jokes I always think about from it is, someone needs to take all those instaphotos, and that sucker is going to be you

The most surprising thing for me is how Instagram became such a big success. I never thought it would take off that well. Now it's so big it can support lifestyles like these.

My biggest failure in life is not knowing what people really want out of the internet/web/apps. I'm constantly surprised at how things became such big successes.

Instagram? eh, that'll get used by 100 people. Snapchat? That'll be forgotten about in 2 months. Facebook, meh, seems boring. And so on...

I'm wrong so damn often because I just can't imagine wanting to do what other people get super excited about. I don't think there's anything wrong with all that they do, my brain doesn't work like that though, I really wish it did! All these successes are obvious in hindsight.

It doesn't support many lifestyles. It's a very, very top heavy model. A few at the top are making tons while the huge majority make essentially nothing. All these people are supporting their Instagram obsession like an actor waiting tables.

I thought for sure this would be a post about Instagram destroying marriages. I'm sure that's more prevalent than the "husbands" profiled in the article. As it is, this is just blind promotion of a fairly toxic lifestyle.

Totally OT: I must have agreed to the Atlantic privacy thingie a hundred of time. But they keep asking me to allow them to rape my privacy by telling me they value it. I had enough. If the adtech industry doesn't know how to use cookies to store settings I am available for freelance work. And I can make powerpoints with funny GIFs, random pictures or use an MS theme. /s

Running AdNauseam - no such irritations when opening the link, and it's likely at least marginally more efficient at annoying the adtech industry than sarcasm (not mutually exclusive, of course).

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