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Poland arrests Huawei worker on allegations of spying for China (theguardian.com)
66 points by cf498 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

>However, a spokesman for the Polish security services told Reuters the allegations related to individual actions, and were not linked directly to Huawei.

Well that's plausible, in the same way that we are all given training to avoid violating laws in other counties, and if we do the company may not be liable if they did not give you direction for your actions and in fact did provide training that contradicted it.

From Polish media: Huawei sales director in Poland Weijing, Polish name "Stasio", had graduated from Bejing University of Foreign Studies. He had studied Polish. 2006-2011 worked for Chinese Consulate in Gdansk. He spoke good Polish and had been very popular and well liked in IT and Polish administration circles.

Piotr D. had been working until recently for different branches of Polish Security Services at top positions. He had been responsible for implementation of SŁR (Government Secure Network) - a communication network for government VIPs.

Ask HN: Which Western country is next? Either to have their own national nabbed in China or to nab someone on their own soil for spying for China.

> to have their own national nabbed in China

Poland obviously.

It will most likely be smaller junior "partners" like canada, poland, etc for the time being. Maybe New Zealand, Australia or Norway will be next? It all depends on how much pressure Trump and his backers want to put on China. If he truly wants to escalate, he'll tell major "partners" like britain or germany to arrest a chinese exec/official. After that, it will be direct and open US vs China hostilities. But I highly doubt we'll get that far.

As for china, I suspect they'll arrest a polish or a poland-linked exec/official of some kind just like they did with canada or enact sanctions on poland. They have to respond or they'll look weak. It's geopolitics 101.

During last Christmas _every single commercial break_ on _every TV station_ had Huawei commercial, some for phones, some for phone+plan bundle from one of the providers. It was bizarre.

Poland is rightfully scared of Russia and would do anything USA asks. But it's also too small to deal with China's wrath.

Tit-for-tat, I doubt he was just discovered as a spy

So Poland should just accept spies or beware China's wrath?

Do what USA says :). They can't change geography.

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