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Nice job. I would suggest all PHP devs spend some time with https://phptherightway.com. Your resource looks to be a great starting point.

Not disagreeing but I usually recommend that people read http://www.phpthewrongway.com/ afterwards to get a more pragmatic viewpoint.

To be honest, it reads more as someone being salty they don’t understand the point of frameworks.

I think you skimmed the article too quick then because there are plenty of good and well supported arguments in it.

I think I read mostly to the end before giving up on it.

There’s a lot of arguments, I just don’t think they’re particularly good.

Don’t misunderstand me, there is a point there, but it’s buried under a load of text.

I regularly use bash and I have learnt HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the past. If I had to use only one of these resources - OP's site or PHP the Right Way - which would you recommend I use? To put it some other ways - does OP's site adequately cover best practices? Is PHP the Right Way targeted aimed at fully-fledged programmers who want to pick up PHP?

Thank you in advance, it's much appreciated.

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