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Couldn't you just have someone else scout for you? Or you don't know anyone else in the game anymore?

Also, is multi-accounting allowed or common?

My corp has fallen apart it seems and me telling anyone will make sure that I will be without a ship a few minutes after logging on.

When you get into carriers or larger ships having multiple accounts is almost a must. The large ships used to not be able to use jumpgates to move around and the largest still can't afaik, so to move you have to log another character in the location you want to go to and set up at temporary beacon (in a sace place) that you can jump to.

What you do is you get a second account and fill your character slots with low-skilled characters who only have the skills needed to fly a cheap 'cyno'-ship and place them where you need them.

The negative being that others could figure out who always jumps into system after that one low skilled character shows up.

Multiple accounts is both allowed and common. The only rule is that input broadcasting to control multiple accounts at once or using the alternate accounts to bot is not allowed. (And even input broadcasting was legal until a few years ago). Being logged into 2-3 accounts and alt-tabbing between them is perfectly permitted.

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