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The word "system" is used a lot to describe many different collections. For example, the molecules that act on glucose to create ATP is considered a "system," as in something like an RF chip that has Tx/Rx on the same piece of silica. Can someone help provide a definition for what a system means in the Hacker News context? What is "low-level" as well.

For me, low-level is assembly, not C.

Does anyone beside compiler writer write in assembly? For what systems? Why wouldn't they use a compiled language?

When trying to solve the worst bug I ever encountered, the critical clue came when I looked at the assembly output that the compiler produced.

You don't have to write it (much). You should be able to read it (with the instruction set manual if needed), and maybe be able to write a little bit of it in a pinch.

There are post-mortem crashes where the only thing I can look at in the disassembly. It's not if they write in it, but if they know how to read it. It's more useful, particularly in some cyber security subsets.

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