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I dunno. I might be biased (I was in BAERS when they were kicked out of Nova a few years ago) but this story is far more interesting to me than the one behind BAERS eviction which was, at the time iirc, the most expensive wormhole battle ever with a good 500+ billion isk destroyed.

Sure, there was seeding in both, but in the end there was only something like 15-20 caps seeded in Nova and they didn't win the battle. That battle was largely won by a small group of the prevalent untouchable meta at the time: slippery pete's, all of which fit through a single hole anyway.

I find the logistics of seeding 650 battleships and the infrastructure to support them in a hole much more interesting than rage rolling relatively few capitals into a high class hole.

Disclaimer: I won Eve shortly after the Nova eviction because I just didn't have time anymore after graduating and starting work.

>I won Eve

Lol, is this what players call leaving? I like this.

I infiltrated a large bloc, worked my way to a position of trust, eventually CEO, stole everything I could and then quit playing. I considered that winning the game.

A strange game. The only winning move is TO STEAL EVERYTHING.

Eve is not a spaceship game. It is a game of deception and pain. Space ships is what the medium is.


You've hit the nail on the head of what makes EVE interesting to people. ;)

Why does that sound sooo much like some winning CEOs in real life? Art imitating life imitating art.

It is indeed. It's a bitter sweet way of saying goodbye.

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