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For me, when I've read “in wormholes you don't immediately see everyone in the system on the map,” my question was why it isn't the default behavior because it sounds way more fun.

Though I suppose, in the vast emptiness it might be difficult to find someone else. But a ‘radar’ that helps with it could have a limited range.

The only thing that's different about wormhole space is that you don't see a list of all players present in the system. This just means that you can't enter a wormhole system and immediately get an idea of how crowded it is, which makes it much more dangerous but doesn't actually change the dynamics of radars and scanning all that much.

Thats only a small part of what makes wormhole space truly different.

The entire topology of wormhole space is constantly shifting with wormholes appearing and disappearing. Hole control is paramount to fighting on jspace.

Sorry, I shouldn't have said "the only thing that's different", because there are lots of other things that make wormhole space interesting. :) I just meant it with regards to the scanning mechanics.

In normal space you do not see everyone on the map either, you must launch scan probes to track people down if they are not on the same grid as you. The difference is in wormhole space you not only need to scan down their location, but you need to be constantly scanning in order to know someone else was in the system at all.

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