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> I can see most of the obvious impetus for this, but don't feel it's going to work out very well at all.

You can see this reaction to the GDPR where the discussion of benefits are hypothetical. Most of these pieces of legislation have predecessors that we can look to for real, practical results. And that practical result is that the governments have mandates to govern the internet in a large, globally-affecting, information/data-suppressing way.

> I'm not sure what a smarter version of the legislation would look like.

It would not exist. Different measures (education, funding, public services, public awareness, existing statute enforcement, accepting the costs of open information, etc) would be taken.

I think that GDPR will in many ways be meaningless, but I don't have a problem with it because it seems 'fair' and 'implementable' at any scale.

This legislations looks like a train wreck out of nowhere, for no real, pragmatic reason.

Of the 100 or so top issues facing Europe today, is this among them? Really?

Maybe the EU Executive should be elected, like in every other democracy.

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