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Even the outliers are unlikely to break one PvP encounter every 1/2 hour on average. Most people would call that boring.

(Total kills) / (player base) is going to tell the real story for most players. Some of these numbers are of bots and players piloting multiple ships waiting for an ambush etc.

However, as PvP destroys wealth much faster than it’s created PvP must inherently be rare.

PS: I don’t see any listing for daily ships lost. But 1 per 60 hours of gameplay seems about right from what I recall.

From memory, most of the time I was double or triple logged. PvP + merchant (+ scout/misc).

I would say I actively engaged in PvP ~10% of my play time. During that time, I would say we got into 1 fight per ~45 minutes. Nullsec gang patrolling with gate bookmarks or gate camping. That's not counting any time spent in larger fleet actions.

And granted, this is ~10 years old vs current features and meta.

So that would add up to... 1:7.5 hours (clock time) or 1:15/22.5 (2x & 3x logged net)?

Sounds about right, you probably spent more time than average in PVP. Though I suspect that’s just combat, your ship losses are lower than that and presumably stayed very affordable.

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