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Once again Eve proves to be much more interesting to read about than to actually play. I love these stories though.

I still have an archive of other people's videos (which I'd guess are still on some web archive or youtube channel, but maybe not) from the earlier days of EVE. The videos are far more entertaining than playing the game was 99.9% of the time. I even discovered some music via player-created EVE videos. What you see in most videos took many months to years of character skill training, a long period of trading or ratting to get ISK, and dozens to hundreds of hours preparing for just the event seen in the video. Most of those requirements (except experience of how to use the ships and equipment you acquire) can alternatively be acquired by spending a lot of money (easily running into the $1000s, at least when I played, and some people would spend that, just to find the whole thing tedious and quit shortly after) on good characters and ships and stuff, but even then PvP is mostly boredom (masked and made "fun" by adrenaline).

Someone with the idea that they want to be just like one of those characters they see in a spectacular EVE video, or that they hear about in an EVE story, is like the kid seeing or reading about astronauts and thinking they want to be an astronaut. Except most people who grow up wanting to be astronauts never become astronauts, and same with any particular goal in EVE. And what happens in EVE stays in EVE. Even if you achieve something notable in EVE, something that requires a lot of effort... it's still in someone else's virtual universe sandbox that could be turned off or changed on their whim.

The chance that you'll ever be directly involved in corp- or alliance-level "big events", other than as cannon fodder, is almost zero unless you know ahead of time you have what it takes to join or build, and then run and manage that kind of enterprise at the equivalent of the c-suite level. Still, 99.99% of your time will be taken up with ordinary stuff. It's a job.

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