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>the biggest coalition in the game blobbed a smaller alliance

Eh, how do you figure? According to dotlan they're number 11 for space held [1] and number 8 [2] for total number of members.



Or are you just bitter vetting in which case carry on.

I was just kinda spitballing that INIT + CONDI form the biggest coalition in the game. Not sure if that's 100% true but when they're fighting an alliance that can field like 200 people maximum it might as well be. They're literally an order of magnitude larger.

Ah you're combining the goons and init? I suppose you can do that but this is about something init planned and executed, not the goons. And the article says

"Over 550 members of The Initiative logged in to answer the alliance’s call to battle. Elsewhere in EVE, allied fleet commanders in The Imperium and in Snuffed Out were asked to provide additional numbers to help the operation."

The Imperium is a coalition of corps with the goons but it's not exclusively made up of goons as far as I know. So it's kinda of disingenuous to dismiss this as a goon op when they weren't directly responsible for it.

If you look at the final battle report, goons outnumbered INIT dudes almost two to one.

I love how one sided narratives and politics in EVE end up leaking over here as well :)

Wait, did you just compare a PvP entity with a rental alliance? Hard Knocks Associates is not the same thing as Hard Knocks Citizens, which is the alliance in the story.

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