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The IT infrastructure of some of the more organized groups rivals that of real-world corporations. Industry-oriented groups build ERP and financial monitoring systems, notifications with Slack, "office hours", etc.

Heck Sean Smith (who was killed IRL in Lybia) worked for the State Department IRL and was a high level diplomat-ish guy in game (roles seem pretty fluid in Eve thus the "ish").

Aye, I spent some time in TEST and ended up working on a whole bunch of projects before canning the lot. There was a market system that was managed by Goons, IIRC, but they pulled it from TEST so I built a similar system which was actually pretty involved. Had it working for a couple of systems and with the success of it, GS and TEST leadership came to some sort of agreement, and my system was dropped in favour of the old one. Well, that was enough for me. Lot of wasted time, so I dropped that and stopped working on the other tools – membership management tools not unlike employee management tools, resource management not unlike typical ERP systems, the lot. This was 2012/13 IIRC.

Going down this road is what started my programming career.

At the time I played, Brave had a better auth/sso system than the top 10 web property I was employed by.

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