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It's amazing how much time and effort some people are willing to spend on make-believe. At least in pro sports and entertainment there's big money on the line.

(Don't get me wrong. I admire cleverness, devotion, and capacity to organize. And this event demonstrates all three on the part of those who made it happen. But you'd think they could turn these skills toward more useful ends.)

A lot of milennials are eschewing running the rat race working 9-5 jobs to be in debt, rent, and not own anything their entire life for gaming. Once inequality reaches a certain point, everyone either checks out or revolts.

An Eve Online player who logs in for 1-hour / day will spend less time playing Eve than Sports people who watch roughly 3-football games per week.

~3-hours a game == 9-hours of TV Watching time.

1-hour / day == 7-hours / week of Eve Online.

Do you consider it equivalent to reading fiction? I spent a lot of time on that.

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