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What are your thoughts on D or Rust as they compare to C++?

Rust makes intuitive sense to anybody that knows C++ and Haskell (deeply enough to have seen the ST type constructor). There are some natural, healthy memory management decisions you might make in C++ that you can't do in Rust, but that's life. The obvious example would be if you want one struct member to point into another. I like Rust traits or Go style interfaces over classes. cppreference is far far better than any Rust documentation, which aside from Rust by Example, is an unnavigable mess. Oh, and it would be nice if C++ had discriminated unions.

I don't know enough about D to really comment on it (I read the black book on it 9 years ago, and the examples crashed the compiler), but... it has better compile times, right? There's a module system? I'd have to look at the D-with-no-GC story, figure out how hard it is to interop with C++ API's. I think I'd have better feelings about D (or C++) if it didn't have class-based OOP.

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