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Nah, that author wrote:

>before you rewrite your C book, perhaps you should take the time to actually dig into it and learn C first (inside and out.)

which is uninformed, as Zed wrote Mongrel and Mongrel2 in C. Saying he doesn't know C is ludicrous. He might have a different approach to C, but then argue this view instead of claiming your way is the only way. The author of that blog post is saying the book is bad because it is not the way he writes C. Not because it is objectively bad.

Also, replies to that post like "Just for info K&R stands for "Kernighan" and "Ritchie", please, don't compare the bible of C with "just another book on C". It is a blasphemy." are hilarious. People are just parotting "read K&R!!" off of each other. The term Stockholm syndrome is overused but it is very appropriate for people who think C is actually good.

K&R is a remarkably good and concise introduction to C.

I think that C is actually good, and that C++ is a Scooby-Doo sandwich of fail. But this is an opinion concerning a particular domain (low-level programming) that doesn't carry over to anywhere else.

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