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What the article misses is that it's most likely being sold as a tax dodging scheme. In other words, buy a house in Miami, claim FL residency, avoid all of these taxes but spend most of your time in NY.

Technically you couldn't spend most your time in NY and still claim residency in FL. Laws require you to spend at least half the year in FL and have done other things besides buy a property to show that you really do live in that state.

Yes but what the law says and what law enforcement can prove are two different things.

The NY Department of Taxation and Finance is incredibly aggressive in pursuing such cases, and the burden of proof is on the taxpayer to show that FL is in fact their primary residence. Those wealthy people that spend substantial time in New York keep careful location records (especially if they have a residence there).

The State of Florida has signed on in support of California's sovereign immunity from lawsuits about its tax collection policies against people who move to Nevada to avoid taxes. That case is before the Supreme Court right now.

Florida won't be your friend if New York comes knocking.


> NY Department of Taxation and Finance is incredibly aggressive

To give this some specificity, I have multiple former colleagues who live in Connecticut and commute to New York who have had their cell phone location data subpoenaed. If you’re going to decamp from New York for tax purposes, actually decamp.

Yes. And this may go on for years after you have actually moved. I have a friend who moved out of NYC around 8 years ago and due to is income level is audited by NY every year. He now has a detailed system so he can account and prove his whereabouts in multiple ways every day of the year.

And of course I assume this data is archived indefinitely?

That makes no sense. If you own property anywhere, you have to pay property taxes. Plus you don’t have to own property to claim residence. Fraudulently or not.

The entire article discusses saving money on income taxes not property taxes. According to the chart, property taxes are more expensive in Miami.

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