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How's the job market in Miami? I left there about 12 years ago, and even though I got paid decent money, real estate prices were crazy and only reflective of the influx of wealthy people from Venezuela and other Central and South American countries.

I currently live near Atlanta, and I feel jobs and affordability are much better here.

The tech market is terrible. Miami is great socially but it’s not a city to grow your career IMO. I would much rather stay a little farther north - West Palm or Boca. Still, the job market sucks.

Mediocre, with some exceptions like medicine and law, you need to run your own company or work remotely to live very comfortably.

I live in Miami, and the tech scene here is...small, and there's not really a lot of potential for moving up/around.

There are some good employers with a startup mindset like Ultimate Software (payroll/HR software) who pay well, but, the pay is marginal for everyone else. ADT and Office Depot are in the Boca Raton area (great if you've got Hadoop skills or retail experience), but, I haven't heard that people are paid above the average around here.

I live in Downtown Miami (and work from home), so, I can't comment on commute:

How's the rent in downtown Miami? Last time I passed through Brickell and checked what rentals were going for I almost passed out?

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