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Nice points. I've prepared what I believe is a good non-exhaustive list without getting very specific. I could be wrong ..

- Embarrassingly low-level (chip developers): OS, C/VHDL/Verilog, MA, DS, GPH, EE, Apathy, SE

- The in-betweeners (kernel, device, storage developers): OS, C, MA, DS, GPH, Apathy, Crypto, SE

- Low-Low-level systems: OS, C, DS, GPH, Apathy, Crypto, SE, FTDS, MSG, NW.

- Low-High-level systems: C/Rust, DS, GPH, Apathy, HDS, Crypto, SE, FTDS, MSG, NW, TL.

- Unicorn rock-star systems hacker (perhaps only a handful of these creatures exists :-): Multiple OS, C/Rust/JVM/Erlang/Haskell, Multiple MA, DS, GPH, EE, Crypto, FTDS, MSG, NW, HDS, SSE, TL.

Abbreviations used:

GPH = Good Programming Hygiene

EE = Electronics and Electrical Engineering

OS = Operating System

MA = Modern Assembly

DS = Data Structure

FTDS = Fault-Tolerant Distributed System

MSG = Messaging System

NW = Networking

TL = Toolings (the darlings of UNIX)

HDS = High-Density Systems

SE = Security Engineering

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