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Other people told you about the metagame, but I'd also add that the actual gameplay might look unimpressive the way fighter's cockpit looks unimpressive — all those little gauges and dials and whatnot. EVE is similar: if you're flying small ships (e.g. "interceptors"), you only need a very basic far-away display showing current 3D configuration of forces around you and a big list of ships of interest with distances and angular velocities on it (because as soon as either the former or the latter drops too far, you're immediately dead, all it takes is one successful shot from a big ship). Granted, you pilot your ship with point-and-click instead of an actual joystick, but it doesn't matter much when you get used to it, weaving 3D trajectories around is still exhilarating. Corkscrewing around a small enemy fleet accelerating towards escape and preventing high-value targets from doing so, while at the same time staying out of range of stuff that can slow you down to kill and in range of your warp scramblers… That brings good memories.

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