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The same can be said for every other EU law.

Net neutrality regulations include vague language that allows "reasonable network management", which is a multi-million dollar legal hassle that stresses small ISP owners. And I shudder to think how Duck Duck Go's programmers will manage to comply with the EU's "right to be forgotten [from a search engine's results]".

I hope the politicians in Washington, D.C. recognize that America is the world's last refuge for small business growth and economic innovation.

I would imagine you'd be able to simply submit a domain to DDG, they would ask for a txt record or file to be present within the site, similar to a DNS verification tool. Then it would be queued up in a crawler for removal upon verification. Is there something I'm missing?

If it's individual pages, then probably just a meta-tag?

I think robots.txt could be leveraged for this though maybe.

> Is there something I'm missing?

Yes, they don't have their own crawler for regular websites. They get their organic search results from Bing and Oath.

I assume then that Bing will be responsible for this then (or if they won't then they'll need to find a new engine)

The EU doesn’t have net neutrality. I know this because I’ve seen offers which include zero-rating Netflix.

America isn’t free from regulatory capture, despite being historically better at innovation than either my home nation or my nation of birth.

DDG can safely rely on Bing for that.

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