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If you’re interested in more of this kind of player-made history of Eve, I highly recommend Empires of Eve, both the book and the podcast series:


The podcast is very well produced and has interviews with the major players from the early years of Eve.

Occasionally when I get the craving to play Eve, I also end up listening to a few episodes of Talking on Stations, an eve podcast that gives fascinating in depth analysis of a world I’ll never have time for.

>$3,165.21 for the hardcover


Well, it's cheaper than building your own ingame space station ...

Amazon Marketplace!

Better wait for the second edition: https://www.empiresofeve.com/

There’s also an $8 kindle version.

Excited to see there’s going to be a second volume!

I was in Faraos Cigarer in Copenhagen two months ago and they had a copy for sale.

Might be cheaper.

Wow... What the?

it's out of print and amazon merchant bots are being merchant bots.


I've listened to the podcast and own the book from their kickstarter. They're both really well done.

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