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Indeed. I get a little tired of the sneery tone many journalists take towards the past, giving themselves an implicit pat on the back for being sooo much smarter.

Cynically, that sort of tone is much more newsworthy than "exercise is good, health science is tricky and slow, so fads are probably bunk and anything is better than nothing". Write one timeless article like that and you're finished, but attacking the idiocy of whatever trend came before the current one is a stable opportunity.

(Even more cynically, it's the same dumb presentist instinct that shows up everywhere from film styles to foreign policy. "We've got to arm this faction because the stupid idiots before us armed that faction because the idiots before them armed the other faction...")

Yeah, all the little jabs at outdated cultural norms pretty much killed the article for me. We get it, people from 50 years ago had unrealistic beauty standards, you don't need to point it out every couple sentences

That’s not a journalist’s sneering tone towards the past: it’s the sneering of someone who has never understood exercise towards those who do it.

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