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That was an exciting read.

I'm almost tempted to try out EVE again.

What I remember of playing it 12 years ago was that I became quite adept at spreadsheets.

That's one aspect of the game, mostly industry or mining IIRC. That's an area that could use some shaking up, because it's pretty much impossible to be profitable if you're a beginning industrialist. Mining works (that's one thing I started off with), but it can get kinda boring if you're trying to optimize it.

The game could do with a bit of modernization in the beginning player's enjoyment and positive reinforcement feedback loop (if that makes any sense). I'm wondering how best to achieve that; maybe make the missions a lot more streamlined, add a bit of story to it, some more cutscenes and voice acting maybe.

I'm imagining a questline where you end up building your own safe base now; one thing I don't like is how you can't really build your own starbase without constantly having to shut it down or rebuild it due to war declarations. What I'd like to see is something like player owned housing in other MMOs where you can build your own starbase inside of an instanced, unreachable pocket.

It would need to have some restrictions, I guess, in e.g. how much you could store there and how much money you could earn there - Eve is all about risk vs reward, and all reward with no risk won't work.

But anyway, a questline to eventually build a starbase, and follow-up quests that develop the base in a variety of directions would be neat.

I've not played Eve in years, since well before player owned structures existed, but I could see this sort of thing evolving to you owning a hanger space on one of the NPC corp's stations. It would seem to me that gets around the issue of people being able to directly declare war on you, but gives a smaller scale version of actual player owned structures.

How well would it work as a testbed for learning algorithms? I heard that you get good access to game data etc. Would it be feasible to be profitable at mining if you have a great prediction algorithm? I know nothing about the game but that would sound interesting as a nice dev-sideproject for structured data algorithms. Can you automate/script the trading/mining etc. or is that forbidden/considered botting or whatever?

Mining is a venture that benefits less from predictive optimization and far more from operational scale. Barring black swan events, having perfect market prediction is nowhere near as valuable as being able to strip mine systems with an Orca/Rorqual account boosting a fleet of miner accounts.

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