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But does Amazon provide a large net value? Google I can understand provides a service we didn't have, but amazon just provides "selling stuff" - something that was possible before too. If anything, Amazon now sells tons more stuff using a lot fewer jobs, so what is the net contribution Amazon does to the US economy in terms of job creation, tax revenue, and the Global ecnonomy?

If anything, a lot of the megacorps just seem to kill smaller business while at the same time being better at not paying taxes.

Whilst I sympathise with this view, it does ignore AWS and the value it provides to the businesses that use it, many of whom are SMEs/startups that might have struggled to get going otherwise.

Yes I was considering only Amazon the online store and its value compared to having multiple other/smaller stores - both physical and online.

Efficiency. By using Amazon I save time and can use the time saved to create something of value or to bill more hours or something else that will lead.to more tax revenue.

The net contribution is consumer surplus.

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