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Ask HN: Scavenging Google+ for knowledge?
3 points by Pamar 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
As you all know Google+ will be terminated this April. I have been a fairly active user on here since the start, and when I recently (1 month ago) tried Google own "download all your stuff" service my Google+ activity clocked in at 44 Gb of zipped data(!).

This is because I mostly posted pictures and links, and Google will download everything, including the pictures that are usually associated to a link itself.

I think we can safely assume that the actual "content" is more around 44Mb (unzipped) and the rest is either photo I own already, or pictures coming from the linked articles.

I almost never posted original content (and when I did, it was generally a link to an article on my own website) so what I will have is thousands of links to pages that somehow were interesting to me: technical, job-related, hobbies.

All stuff I'd like to be able to organize and retrieve at will.

My main platform is Mac and my current plan is to somehow extract all the urls from the Google+ download (using Perl, Awk, Whatever) and then...

Here is where I would like to know what you think will work best to convert this mass of links into something usable. At the moment I am thinking to get a DevonThink licence because it is the only tool that offers some automated categorization and retrieval (and supports links). Alternatively I could also batch-convert the files to PDF and then try using qiqqa.

Is there anything else you could suggest to tackle this (possibly non-window based: I can set up a Linux machine - for real or on a VM but I'd prefer not to do the same with Windows unless there is really a killer application available only there).

Has anyone tried this or something similar already? Anything else I should consider (apart from the actual classifier/browser product)?

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