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How Holidify Bounced Back to Hit 5M Users (medium.com)
37 points by akashindya 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

My first company went through a similarly deep "trough of sorrow." We launched riiiight before the first dotcom crash, limped along for a year or two (product doing well, revenue not so much) then us founders went out and got Real Jobs. But the product kept chugging along and a few years later we came back with some monetization ideas and things took off for real, leading to an acquisition almost 10 years after starting it.

I think the moral is that if you have a working product with no revenue, it may find a way if you can give it enough space and time. Some products need a lot effort/money to keep going, but if your company is built like a cockroach and you have a product that people use, don't shut it down or throw it to the wolves unless you absolutely have to. You don't hear a lot about these phoenix-like companies, but it's good to know that the end isn't always necessarily the end.

Thank you for sharing this. This makes so much sense and I also feel that this type of sustainability wouldn't have been possible for all kinds of products/companies.

To all who are wondering how much a "lakh" is, it's a word in the indian subcontinent meaning 100000.

Thank you for the explanation :) I had written this piece keeping Indian audience in mind. Glad it has reached here. I have now updated the article and added figures in USD and international number system :)

No problem. Cool you're in here replying BTW. Didn't realise you wrote the article. Good job and very nice to hear these kinds of success stories!

I'm still getting used to counting in Lakh, in Dubai people sometimes say 5 lakh this, 6 lakh that. Even to me as a swede. Then you guys have krore, I dunno what else.

In arabic they also have some old units being used in some countries, like faddaan, and I forget another one I just heard...

Edit: Also, you guys use different decimal points for Lakh I think. like 30 lakh is 30,00,000 I think. Saw it on some bank website.

Congratulations on bouncing back. There were a lot of good points to learn.

I wish you best for the future.

Thank you! :)

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