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> Tempted to be dismissive while China’s best, brightest, and richest seem to favour the political environment in the West.

That works both ways. China has a so called 1000 talents plan. Effectively a lottery for USD ~$3m for a person with a PhD level education and a passable business plan.

I personally knew one exceptional foreign chemist who, after living in China for 15 years, finally dared to do "deal with the devil" and managed to land a defence contract. She was just 27 when she started her business as a continuation of her PhD.

> China has a so called 1000 talents plan

From Wikipedia:

> The Thousand Talents program primarily targets Chinese citizens who were educated in elite programs overseas and who have been successful as entrepreneurs, professionals, and researchers

I mean if anything this feels like confirmation of my original point. You only need to invest significant time and treasure into luring people back if they're leaving.

Not only Chinese citizens, and by a big stretch...

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