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> universities in China are way behind compared to western ones, but the later ones also serve Chinese students well

I would be interested to learn more about this. Do the Chinese have different educational needs to those of students in the west?

He likely means that they are at least adequate. They are mostly adequate. The average Chinese university is not very good and has corruption and plagiarism problems that would be scandalous in North America or Europe but they’re so, so much better than average African universities.

Edit: You should write about the Oxford M.Sc. CS and submit it. People would be interested.

> You should write about the Oxford M.Sc. CS

I get quite a lot of email from people on HN about it actually, but am a little overwhelmed with a number of other things to try and put something cohesive together. If anyone wants a free blog article, feel free to send me a bunch of questions, and I'll reply and you can write them up. In summary: part-time MSc in Software Engineering from Oxford, meant to be done while working, existing undergrad degree not a hard requirement.

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