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Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows do use a VM, but it’s a single VM for the entire host system, not one VM per container. So the overhead is very reasonable.

My big issue with Docker for Windows is that it prevents VMWare Workstation from running, as it uses Hyper-V. You can have one or the other, but not both.

+1 - Super annoying.

I've never seen a good explanation of why hypervisors can't co-exist on Windows. I'm sure there's a technical reason but if anyone has any articles that explain this I'm very interested!

they also cant coexists on linux, you know... Its a hardware limitation. You have to give the hardware component responsible for the 64bit virtualization to either hypervisor, wherever that is vbox, kvm or hyperv

unless you're fine with 32bit. In that case you can use any system you want at the same time (also on windows)

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