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You keep missing that a lot of people can’t afford to live without being payed for an indefinite and undetermined interval. It’s a grossly unfair position to force people to work without pay because the government is run by the least among us. That’s not to say they don’t, some of them, have recourse. The issue is that they shouldn’t have to take out loans or beg from charities, or face exposure to scams and predatory lenders who hide among the legitimate outlets.

It’s time to emerge from the bubble and recognize that how you live is not how everyone lives, and maybe even develop a bit of empathy and compassion.

"The problem isn't them eventually getting paid, the problem is them lacking money in their pockets right now to pay the bills they need to pay right now."

That's the comment I was replying to. If they need money to pay their bills they can get a 0% loan for their missed paychecks.

There's obviously reasons to be pissed about the shutdown.

You’re seemingly confused about a few points, such as the difference between applying for a loan and receiving one, and the limits even when you manage to get one. Having said that if you’d like to defer your pay for an indefinite period and try to support yourself throug such loans, I’d read the blog.

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