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> Who else would recommend that someone follow the path that “led to depression, social isolation, and the hardest time of my life” just because they got lucky in the end?

One of my favorite Ewan McGregor quotes from watching Long Way Round recently was when he would say ”This is the part that really sucks right now and is just so hard it makes you wanna cry, but it’s the part we remember most fondly later”

He said that on multiple occasions. It maps well to stuff I recently learned in Thinking Fast and Slow about our experiencing self versus our remembering self.

It turns out we cherish sucky experiences tht end well more dearly than we do experiences that are great (or bad) throughout.

What about sucky experiences that don't end well?

Fuck those. We wish we hadn't been so mindblowingly stupid as to put ourselves through those.

Well, those can also be remembered fondly.

One that crops up in my memory with some frequency is lying face-down in three inches of snow. My feet are going numb. My SAW is freezing my fingers. My helmet keeps sliding down over my eyes. We've been out here on the perimeter for almost two hours, just waiting for the word to move.

They told us to embrace the suck. It was fun. I've never felt so alive.

Since you didn't die and (I assume) didn't lose all of your fingers and toes to frostbite, that ended quite well.

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