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“We are warming the planet but the ocean is not warming evenly, so different places warm more than others,” said Dr. Zanna. “And so the first consequence will be that sea level will be different in different places depending on the warming.”

I don't understand this statement. To me the statement means that some places in the ocean will warm faster than others and those local places will have local sea level rises bigger than elsewhere due to the local warming causing water expansion. Sea level is determined by many things, mostly gravity, but I don't see how a local volume increase will last very long at all (ie it will dissipate at the speed of sound in water. Like a tsunami but really small and continuous). Misquoted perhaps?

Truly, only Gell-Mann amnesia allows me to keep reading the news. Probably worth stopping.

I think he's simplifying the point in order to get it across to the reporter. The larger point is that high tides will be higher than before in many places due to the warmer temperatures. This means that the average sea level relative to the shore line is higher than before. He's not referring to the entire body of all the worlds oceans which is a separate thing.

Sea level rise has regional variation due to the gravitational pull of the melting ice. When polar ice melts, there is less gravity at the poles so equatorial regions see higher sea level rise.


True. Unfortunately the quote does not mention gravity or melting ice at all. The two sentences are about the ocean warming and the differences in sea-level depending on how warm the local ocean is. This is just wrong (99.9% sure, but would update my view with some strong evidence). With a PhD in Earth Science and a Bachelors in Geophysics I am just sad when wrong ideas get expressed as the truth from scientists.

I think someone posted this video previously which was very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA5zh3yG_-0

All the prop demonstrations by the presenter are awful, but the scientist explains everything very well.

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