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It's not going to continue past the end of January under any scenario.

Trump will go with a national emergency declaration (we've had 58 of those declared just since 1979) in an attempt to fund and build the wall the military route. That will be halted due to an injunction. Then it'll end up at the Supreme Court. Assuming the Democrats don't offer a compromise to Trump that is.

This could indeed be.

I thought your remark that there had been so many national emergencies was interesting. This turns out to be true — color me surprised.

Almost all of them seem to not involve spending money — they are prohibitions on money transfers. I assume this is where the emergency-for-wall would run into trouble, because it’s the Congress that appropriates money.

That just builds a wall, it doesn't address this problem. You can't use an emergency declaration to open the government. The theory here is that once Trump has declared victory, republicans are going to be willing to pass a bill without wall funding. It's not at all clear to me that this is how it will play out.

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