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Prediction timescales are always a bit of a stab in the dark, and 5-10 years seems a tad pessimistic. Having said that the overall picture you paint is hard to disagree with. The extremist 'economic growth' superstition that has now spread worldwide is utterly incompatible with the continued existence of a living planet. Ecosystems are collapsing at an dizzying pace, and still our rulers and marketing-force-fed populations believe that they live within a fictional 'economy', floating free of the complex evolved physical systems that constitute reality.

Our international polity is now so fragile that economic collapse or war consequent on a black swan environmental breakdown could happen any day. But in any case, it's entirely clear that we are completely unprepared to deal with the environmental refugee flows that will occur, in billions, in the 2nd half this century. Wars will sweep the planet.

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