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T-Mobile First to Launch Caller Verification (t-mobile.com)
30 points by ac29 66 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Yeah but to use that T-mobile sells your location data

I kept my number from a city I lived but has almost zero connections right now. It makes things simple as every time I received a call with the same area code, I can be sure it's a scammer.

Only on Galaxy Note9...

Why is this device specific?

9/10 phone calls I get are spam/scam nowadays...

Chicken and the egg problem. Few carriers support it, so they can't block unverified calls (yet).

So the most they can do is log (display) when a good call comes through. I imagine this requires cooperation on the manufacturers part to alter the phone app to display a verification success.

One thing they already did is display "Scam Likely" for some calls. This is on an iPhone, but I think it's a T-Mobile thing. It misses a ton of spam calls from numbers that match the first six digits of my own number, and had at least one false positive, which was my bank calling.

I have t mobile and some calls come in with a caller I’d as “scam likely” so they do stuff like that

How does this work when ANI information is spoofed from a landline?

Is ANI spoofing a thing? Caller-ID is easy to spoof, but I thought ANI was in Telco hardware.

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