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Cruise's new video showing driverless car navigating very tricky traffic in SF (youtube.com)
42 points by dmix 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

This is (obviously) edited to highlight the car handling tricky situations, but I recently had a rather negative interaction with Cruise.

It was around 16th and Rhode Island in Potrero. The road opens up to a very wide two lane lane road. We came up behind the cruise car at this point, and the Cruise car slowed way down and basically rolled down the street in the middle of the road at 5 miles an hour. The driver in my car tailgated the Cruise car down the block until we got to a stop sign, and then the Cruise car stopped for way to long, and then we drove around them. We were the only car on the road and it was fairly dark.

It looked a bit like the car didn't have confidence to decisively move forward and the resulting action was to limp along. It's definitely tough to get the response right in this situation but I wasn't impressed with the mitigation strategy. You'd think the car would at least pull off to the side of the road if it didn't know what to do.


- recognizing double-parked vehicles and making progress past them by carefully proceeding in the oncoming (dashed yellow line) lane,

- making challenging left turns with oncoming cars, safely recognizing unpredictable pedestrian activity but still making progress,

- recognizing traffic cones and obeying a temporary merge right sign.

This is a fun video - it suggests they can assume some more complex and adaptable strategies.

I would like to see them deal with a flag-person directing traffic. Those folks are poorly trained in my experience and give ad hoc signals. It may come down to properly training people to consistently signal self-driving cars.

I want to see it handle double parked cars that aren't using hazards.

Yeah! I wondered that too - humans will make a complex determination is the guy in front will not be moving anytime soon when it is not the case that traffic is just stopped. It is nice though that they seem to be recognizing hazard lights.

Why do they always speed up videos like this? It’s not real time and it does make a difference to perception, not just saving peoples time viewing the video. Tesla used the same trick.

I wish there was someone at Cruise I could talk to in order to tell them to make their cars follow CVC 22100.

I frequently see their cars on Folsom street in the Mission. I've seen their cars make right hand turns without being fully in the right hand lane. There is a bike lane and a lot of bike traffic on that street. Their behavior puts cyclists at risk of getting hit with a right hook when they are going straight through an intersection.

Based on everything I've seen, I'd much rather have a human driver than Cruise so far.


From personal experience and from my local Nextdoor, the worst thing is being stuck behind a Cruise car and they are constantly everywhere. Last week I heard a FedEx driver yelling "Get the fk out of the way!" from my window.

Not bad, but still plenty of "what the F are you doing" moments in there I think, and quite a few false stutters etc that would be quite annoying to other drivers.

Impressive, but still plenty of "what the F are you doing" moments in there I think, and quite a few false stops/stutters etc that would be quite annoying to other drivers if not actually dangerous.

Eg there seems to be a habit of driving right up behind parked vehicles, stopping, moving out (and then hesitating in the other lane), etc, rather than just moving over to the other (clear) lane and proceeding.

Let's see.

1. Fails to yield to a car making a right turn

2. Decides to jump into the opposing direction "lane" to try and go around a truck which starts moving and effectively cuts it off.

3. Makes a ridiculously late left turn

They achieved the opposite of what most people want in a self driving car. Automated bad driving and assholery.

If this is now their typical performance, they've come a long long way in the last 6 months.

I was stuck behind Cruise cars twice in the same week that went 2/3 of the way into an intersection and stopped until the light turned red and sat there until I honked the horn and, presumably, the safety driver took over.

I assume that if this was typical performance, they'd make a clip with even better performance from when things line up well.

I saw the same thing recently as well

Why do you think comments are disabled on the youtube video?

If this is a true, undoctored video, future looks promising

what's with all the double parked cars?

Guessing it's selective editing, to illustrate cases of the car handling challenging situations well. Either that, or the drivers are particularly selfish in San Francisco?!

Delivery services, typically.

kind of an asshole driver, but very cool

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