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Amazon accused of knocking off AWS customers' products (2013) (theregister.co.uk)
15 points by benologist 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Both partners mention they knew from the start that AWS was eventually going to compete with them. I'm not sure there's anything to make of this. Looks like normal and healthy competition to me.

Totally normal and healthy. Like when strip malls began copying the successful businesses they leased to and nearly instantly drove those businesses out because the strip mall entities were so ungodly powerful in comparison. Or like when Walmart started producing all the successful products it’s suppliers were making - undercutting them and causing them to close down. And who can forget the time the taxi industry was overtaken by shell companies who evaded taxes and underpaid their workers until the taxi industry collapsed?

Well the last one is becoming a reality, but none of these examples should be considered normal or healthy. Competition isn’t healthy when it’s a more powerful entity sitting over a technology platform waiting for its customers to be successful only to swoop in and copy that tech and power-edge them out.

It’s next gen monopolization.

Guessing they've never heard of "Amazon Basics" either.

It's far worse than that. Amazon literally has hundreds of store brands. Most of them are shockingly high quality as well.

Yesterday they announced DocumentDB - knock off (they could have at least picked a different name) of Microsoft's DocumentDB (which had a Mongo access API like 3+ years ago). People will eventually become more vocal about these practice. If these tactics might reach a critical threshold, the media will be all over it. 2017 Uber, 2018 Facebook, 2019 ?

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