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Ask HN: Which tool have changed your life recently?
23 points by JunaidBhai 44 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments
Any app, tool, service, product that has changed your life recently.

Org Mode in Spacemacs. I combined with a clean folder conventions combined with sensible usage of tags.

FWIW, I earlier had an analog planning system, but it wasn't scaling. With a new job and changed roles/responsibilites, Org mode gives me the productivity I was looking for.

The past 2 weeks since I have started using it has given me positive results. But I will wait for the year to give a definite answer :-).

And GitHub even renders .org files the same way they do Markdown. You can store your notes in a Git repo and see them on any device, even without Emacs installed.

Excellent I did not know that. Thank you, one of my TODO state changed to DONE.

VisualStudio Code - I got rid of almost all IDE. I still keep using Intellij though for scala.

Notion. Been using it for a while to take all kinds of notes. Loving it.


Can you explain what makes it so good compared to using a combination of the tools it says it replaces? What if you like some of the tools it has and not others?

Same here. Started using it last month and by far one of the most fantastic product that made life easier for me.

Wow. Thanks for mentioning this. This is incredible.

I used to run a Microsoft Exchange Server for my family, just switched to Mailcow-Dockerized, which is really awesome.


LaTeX: Using TexShop to take notes, diary, programming notes, writing - making everything into beautiful PDF ebooks. TikZ for diagrams.

Not so recent but Vimwiki.

Fantastic way to organise things and has a built in diary. Definitely recommend it to fellow vim habitators.

Thinking about Calm - I've started meditating, and this changed everything in my life :)

Definitely the Pihole

Headspace - Meditation guidance


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