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WebFaction joins forces with GoDaddy (webfaction.com)
1 point by vintagedave on Jan 9, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

WebFaction's "quirky programmer-friendliness" (as one of the comments in that link describes it) was a pleasure to work with. I'm a customer.

GoDaddy is famed as a large unethical company and is famous for misogyny, promoting torture, and killing elephants. (Yes really.)


This happened awhile ago, as the link shows, but I'll note that I was with WF for 10+ years. Bought a plan when I was younger and still learning, and their shared hosting environment was honestly amazing enough that I ran full-fledged projects on there for years with no issues. Never had issues running or compiling anything I wanted or needed to, support staff were always incredibly fast to respond. Built up tons of referral credits to the point where I paid maybe once every six months for the space.

Refuse to support GoDaddy, though. When I went to cancel I was honest with them about why I left, support ticket response on the closure came back with surprising honesty from them - definitely seems like they're not totally happy with it, but it's also tough to tell from one person.

Very sad to see them go. Wound up buying a 3-year SSDNodes VPS for the hell of it just so I don't have to think about anything.

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