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Plotting the Sacricide of George Washington (allthingsliberty.com)
12 points by tomohawk 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

This is just really bad writing:

As authorities vigorously sought to understand what was happening, evidence revealed a breathtaking scheme of unimaginable dimension that would have brought the Revolution to a sudden end. It was such a devastating plan that it left future Massachusetts governor and veteran Bunker Hill army surgeon William Eustis stuttering in amazed disbelief...

Has the existence of an assassination plot against Washington ever even been definitively proven? I'd always heard it described as one of many unproven rumors swirling around Hickey at the time of his execution. Hickey was officially charged at his court-martial with counterfeiting, mutiny and sedition, which are certainly serious charges, but not with any specific assassination plot. And the author's citation for his claim that Hickey was definitely involved with some kind of assassination plot rests entirely on the same breathless contemporary letter from Dr. William Eustis that you reference (which can be read in its entirety here: http://www.gutenberg.org/files/21990/21990-h/21990-h.htm#NO3...).

One letter seems like an awfully slim reed to hang a charge like that off of.

But the giant self-promotional sidebar assures us that the content on the site is well-written, so you must be mistaken.

They refer to themselves as purveying "America's most important history". Why would someone say such a thing if it's weren't true?

It's like when NPR has to constantly repeat "we are trustworthy". Not a good look for sure.

We never should have let the AI get ahold of Roget's...

Jokes aside, the article serves a useful purpose - to remind us that even American revolutionaries aren't above hanging political undesirables.

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