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Don't. You can. But you can also run full speed into the side of a building.

One will get the lesson faster than the other... and it isn't the one where you spend 6 to 12 months lying to yourself and everyone around you about how you are figuring it out before realizing that you actually aren't a super genius and you actually can't do everything by yourself and you NEED other people.

Why because of what I tell literally every person that asks me about doing this now... At the end of the day even if you were a super genius at everything it takes to make a business be successful... you will run out of time in the day to do everything.

You HAVE to be able to bring other awesome people on to help you or you will burn out and fail.

If its not painfully obvious by now I am speaking from experience.

I tried I failed. That doesn't mean that you will but I just can't recommend anyone try to do this kind of thing by themselves.

I tell people now I feel like the first true test of your business is convincing other people to help your work on it... if you can't convince even 1 other person to help you... do you really even have anything?

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