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Lots of conflicting advice here. There are a lot of factors that would or could cause you to do one thing versus another: how much capital reserves do you have, have you tested a market yet, what is the market, what are you looking for in a cofounder, how long will the product take to develop if it isn’t developed already, etc etc.

Here’s my (short) story. I’m a single founder in mid development, and this is a side hustle. I expect to deliver by the end of this quarter, working in my spare time. The product is solving a problem that I have. I am footing everything, and am not even entertaining the idea of bringing anyone else (cofounder or otherwise) on board until the product is complete and works the way that I want it to. Then once it’s marketed and gets traction, then and only then would I look for help.

But that’s just me and that’s the point: do what’s best for you.

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