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Star topics that interest you (blog.github.com)
87 points by guessmyname 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Remember! Microsoft only want to know your preferences to better serve you in the future!

You know they can do this without stars right? Just by seeing which pages you visit.

I like GitHub but you're right. Microsoft does get a lot of knowledge about my interests and work as a developer through GitHub.

In the case of GitHub, I'm (still) okay with it though, since most of the data I reveal on there is public anyways (code, organization membership, stars, ...) and the benefits (for me at least) outweigh the problem that I'm giving personal data to Microsoft.

But yeah, I rarely hear people talk about privacy on GitHub even though we should pay attention to it.

Well, they do own Linkedin too.

People often forget that GH is a Social Network as well.

The only critical comment gets downvoted. Is this FB or HN?

Interesting that this only comes out now. Something I feel should have been a part of github for a long time.

I used to love the old 'explore' page. It had a feeling of going on an adventure, digging into a dark cave of unfinished projects and people's brains.

The two topics displayed in the screenshot are actually languages (CSS and SCSS), so we could just filter trending by language then? I never got the appeal of topics that much, and this screenshot seems to confirm that in practice topics are a bit redundant. Should tag my "CSS" project with "CSS"? Isn't that a bit pointless?

There are also topics like "NLP".

Funny you meantion that tag, since I think it'd be better to apply NLP automatically instead of having to tag each project manually :)

Or, recognize a bit better each project. For instance, the LICENSE is automatically read. Why no read the "Keywords" in `package.json`, or the `<meta>` in `index.html` for the Pages projects, etc.

Consider constraining your topics of interest and not checking too many boxes. Github explore only displays two or three of these topics at refresh in a seemingly random fashion.

Misread that as "star tropics" and got excited.

The hiddenest of gems.

I read this as "StarTropics that interest you" and I was like "yeah, that was a pretty interesting game."

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