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It seemed that Hell had a better chance at freezing over before I could cold-network a viable relationship with a prospective technical co-founder worth his/her salt, so rather than give up I chose to work towards my goal as best I could on my own. Many years have past since. It's been a humbling, very long journey.

I would love to personally connect with technical solo founders who can relate.

I had a similar situation, I had a partner at the beginning but since that failed dramatically I had to dive into the deep end on my own. Running a business is just as much work (or more work in some ways) as building the tech for the business.

I did Startup School this past fall, and it was very helpful to get in contact with other people in startup mode. And I just got an email the other day notifying me that Tiny Seed (https://tinyseed.com/) is opening up for applications in 10 days.

The premise I liked about Tiny Seed is similar to how YC does things, group the businesses together. I think it may at least be another avenue for connecting with other startup founders.

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