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It's still too early to declare my new project a success but compared to several failures, it seems like I've finally cracked the code.

There are a number of things I am doing differently this time, but the most significant seems to be that I am now using a coach. This would have made me laugh earlier but it's been great value to me. As a single founder, it can be very hard to stick to commitments and keep a clear vision. So I take calls with my coach every two or three weeks to discuss priorities and goals for next time. She will then ping me regularly and keep me committed -- and call me on my bullshit if I try to weasel out of something.

It feels like some sort of life-cheat-code. I say something that I want to happen on the phone, and then it happens! It doesn't just apply to my business, for instance I've finally managed to meditate consistently because of her. I wish I had discovered this years ago! :-)

Where did you find your coach?

It makes perfect sense. It's the same reason I always suggest to someone who's struggling with weight to get a fitness coach; not necessarily for the advice but just so they've got someone to stay accountable to, at least until they build up good habits on their own.

All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection.

A coach finding coach?


Sounds like my girlfriend. :P

Naw, but I guess that's technically two people.

Is your coach open to more clients?

I imagine so. https://robincangie.me/

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