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You're saying that our phone chargers have the equivalent of EIGHT of the fastest computers in the world in 1976? Wow.

A usb c controller is quite complicated. The protocol is not simple at all.

It's still mind-blowing that if you wanted a USB-C controller in 1976, you'd need $64 million dollars worth of computing power.

You would need more than that, since a significant cost is already built into the economies of scale of making non-leading-edge chips.

Exponential growth is a crazy thing.

If it's doing just power charging it should be much simpler, no? Maybe there just aren't any USB-C charger-only microcontrollers out there? Or perhaps the protocol negotiation happens at such fast speed that you have no choice but to use a fairly fast microcontroller?

I guess it's important to remove the charger from the socket when you're not using it, or that computer will keep eating power.

On the other hand, would be fun if you could run complicated calculations on just your charger.

The USB chip (like many microcontrollers) has clock gating and sleep modes so it uses almost no power when idle. When running it uses 10 mA (50 mW) which is pretty low, but in deep sleep mode it uses just 100 µA (0.5 mW). In comparison, a desktop processor can use 95 W or more and the Cray 1 used over 100 kW.

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