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Anker PA-Y16

It's cheaper to buy two single port ones though :(

That may charge 2 smart phones just fine, but it isn't enough for a laptop like a Macbook 13 or Dell XPS 13.

I'm sure we'll see ones that can handle enough output for a computer + phone in the near future!

Count me in... I would love a full spec USB-C charger with 100+ watt total output across, say, four or five USB-C ports. Maybe add an A or two for good measure, perhaps with QC.

I do carry an Anker with one USB-C and four A for travel with my (USB-C) laptop(s).

While I am wishing... A USB-C hub (bus powered or from a PD input) with full speed USB-C ports, maybe 4-6, and an A or two for good measure.

Maybe someone who knows electronics better than me can chime in with corrections and/or correct terminology, but my impression is that USB PD doesn't lend itself to having a bunch of type-C ports that draw from a shared max power rating in the way that's common with USB BC devices. e.g. if you have a 100W brick, you're going to have five ports with 20W max, or one 60W port and four 10W ports, etc. (that is, each port is essentially an independent charger sharing a housing, and with the heat limitations of the shared housing)

The USB-C PD definitely allows you to do exactly what you suggest.

I know this is supported in this google dual-port PD charger: https://store.google.com/gb/product/usb_c_dual_port_charger

There is an explanation on how the power budget is split in this post: https://plus.google.com/+BensonLeung/posts/8jmUYtJxAwX

Presumably other multi-port chargers also do similair things

This is pretty close to what you're looking for, except with a single 87W USB-C PD port and 4 12W USB-A ports: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DGTFQTD/

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