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GitHub new “PRO” badges is a joke?
14 points by hilaly on Jan 7, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments
Github show up today with new "PRO" banners bellow pictures in users profiles and also in miniatures after mouseover . Almost 80% of people i searched for have this banner. I just want to understand what kind of utility does new badge bring off to the community when there is only a "PRO" and no badge.

I finally caved and started paying for GitHub 3 days ago… time to downgrade back to free!

Same here.

Does anyone find it funny how when you sign up for the student developer pack, GitHub gives you a $7/mo discount for 2 years, but still considers you having the first tier of their subscription, so now the only people with a PRO badge are actually students.

Pro = paid subscription

Well, this makes sense...

Surprised Microsoft didn't shame unpaid users directly and offer premium merge options yet.

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